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We design all our garments in the UK and, based on the garment and fabric to be used, we decide which country is the best environment for production. Then, based on our grading of individual factories, we select the most suitable to make each garment. We also have an ethical trading policy agreed with each factory.

  • We work alongside factories in China, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, countries in Eastern Europe, countries in South America and also the UK. We produce mens wear, ladies wear and childrens wear specialising in night wear, casual wear and leisure wear.
  • As well as our experience in matching fabrics and garment structure we are skillful at documentation. This attention to detail is vital when importing so the supportive documentation is presented against letters of credit and for clearing UK customs.
  • All our garments have SGS or Intertek test reports. They are inspected at the factory and again in the UK before we deliver goods to our buyers. We like to import garments before the start of the season so our buyers have the full season for sales and our customers can maximise their profits.
  • We have two main warehouses: One is used for goods where we have paid duty and VAT up front. The other warehouse is bonded so it can hold goods where we have not paid duty and VAT so it is easier, faster and cheaper if the goods are to be exported.
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