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As well as importing clothing, we export ladies’, men’s and children’s clothing. We currently trade with clients in Ireland, France, Russia, Poland, Finland and Australia.

  • We have goods in a warehouse where we have paid duty and VAT and in a bonded warehouse where the duty and VAT have not been paid so if we are exporting we can offer our customers the products best suited to them for quickly and economically. We have experience in importing and exporting, so we understand the documentation required for our customers so they can clear the goods when they arrive at the port of entry.
  • We have a good transport network so we can deliver at the most competitive price and in the quickest time. We have the experience to label and pack the goods to suit the market.
  • We work with UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) who provide us with support to grow our business overseas and also helps us to build relationships with consulates. These organisations can assist us in finding the best language interpretation skills for that country. UKTI combines the expertise of professional trade and industry advisers in the UK alongside a global network of experts based in British diplomatic offices overseas, giving access to a well-connected presence on the ground.

We will be exhibiting at exhibitions in new markets to expand our business internationally in the future.


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